Mixed Billing FAQs

Do you still Bulk Bill?

Yes, but we are a Mixed Billing practice, which means only some services and patients are Bulk Billed.

What is Mixed Billing?

Mixed Billing means our practice charges a private fee for some consultations and patients, and bulk bills others.

Bulk Billing is when the payment for your consultation or treatment with your doctor is covered entirely by Medicare.

Mixed Billing is where the cost of the service is not covered entirely by Medicare requiring you to pay a private fee upfront.  You will then submit a claim to Medicare and receive a rebate from Medicare.

This means there is an out of pocket cost to you which will vary depending on the service.

What is the difference between Mixed Billing and Private Billing?

Unlike Mixed Billing, Private Billing practices charge all patients for all services regardless of age and concession status.

This means that there is an out of pocket cost for all patients for all services.

Who do you Bulk Bill?

Patients who have valid Medicare cards and meet the following criteria will be bulk-billed:

  • Patients 15 years old and under
  • Patients with a with a valid Healthcare Card or Pension Card
  • Patients with a valid DVA Card

All other patients will be privately billed. It is the patients’ responsibility to ensure that their Pension and Healthcare Card details are valid at all times.

Are there any services that you will continue Bulk Billing for everyone?

  • All appointments with our nurses for immunisations, warts, care plans and health assessments will be bulk billed for everyone with a valid Medicare card
  • Recall appointments with our doctors to discuss results ordered by them will also be bulk billed for everyone at the doctor’s discretion.

What are your Private Charges?

Consultation Type

Full Fee

Medicare Rebate

Out of Pocket

Standard Consult (In Clinic, Telehealth Video & Telephone)



Long Consult (In Clinic & Telehealth Video)



Prolonged Consult (In Clinic & Telehealth Video)



Mental Health Consult (In Clinic & Telehealth Video)



Mental Health Plan Preparation Standard (In Clinic & Telehealth Video)



Mental Health Plan Preparation – Extended (In Clinic & Telehealth Video)



Mental Health Plan Review (In Clinic & Telehealth Video)



Procedures (In Clinic)


TBA by Doctor


 Note 1: Procedures such as Iron Infusions and Implanon Insertions and Removals will continue to attract a Private Fee for everyone.

Note 2: All patients are required to book an appointment with their doctor for prescriptions, results, review and referrals.

How will I know what I will be required to pay?

During your consult, your doctor will inform you of the potential cost of your consult and whether you will be charged for more than a Standard Consult. They will then obtain your informed financial consent prior to proceeding with the consult.

How do I get my rebate back?

Payment is required on the day of the consult by debit card, credit card and cash only.  Rebates are available through Medicare online and will be transferred to your registered bank account with Medicare within 24-48 hours. Rebates are also available through the Tyro system if using a debit card, with your rebate processed to your Cheque or Savings account. If you have not registered your bank account with Medicare, please do so online at https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/medicare

If you have not received your Medicare rebate into your registered bank account within 48 hours, please call Medicare on 132 011.

How do I pay for a Telehealth Consult?

You will receive a phone call from our reception team at the conclusion of your appointment and your payment will be processed over the phone.

Failure to settle all accounts on the day of the consult will result in no longer being able to access medical care at the practice and debt recovery action.

What if I don’t have a valid Medicare Card?

Patients without a valid Medicare Card will be charged privately for all services offered by the practice.