Sarah Tuckett

Sarah is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years experience, with most of this gained within the area of Hospital in the Home. She has worked recently in an acute hospital setting before making the move to General Practice Nursing

Sarah has had a longstanding interest in health care outside the hospital setting and has previously completed a Graduate Certificate of Nursing in Community Health. The clinic provides Sarah with the opportunity to apply her wound management skills as well as her interest in health education. She is looking forward to working with the great variety of patients who visit the clinic and providing services such as immunisations, overseas travel consults and 4 year old healthy kid checks.

She is also an accredited Nurse Pap Screen provider and is able to provide a pap screening service to women at the clinic.

Away from Summit Medical Group, Sarah lives with her husband and three children (two school age and one preschooler).  She is active within her local school community and enjoys volunteering in the classrooms in her spare time. She has a passion for cooking, reading and all things craft (although she never has enough time for her ever expanding fabric collection!).